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Urja Bio System Pvt. Ltd. specializes in designing and executing turnkey projects in solid waste management and conversion of solid waste into energy (in the form of electricity and heat) and organic fertilizer from the residue. We recycle, reuse, and reduce.

We transfer waste to energy and are a leading biogas company that organizes efficiently. Our technology combines with the wastage and fulfills the economy demand uniquely.

Our Services



We are the largest dairy-based (dung/effluent) biogas supplier to the modern dairies like Sarda Dairy (Vachan Milk) Raipur (CG). The biogas production provides a perfect solution for reducing environmental pollution.



We offer a complete solution for poultry waste management and offer a sustainable method for the removal of social nuisance caused due to litter. Our service offers a value-added solution to the litter resource that adds an extra income to the poultry farmers.
Presently we have provided complete poultry waste management solutions to the industries.


Organic Manure PROM mfg

We deal in supplying eco-friendly products and biofertilizers. It is the best source of revenue obtained from manure. We have converted digested slurry to highly accepted granular i.e Phosphate rich organic manure (PROM).
Through this process, we can reduce the organic materials and recycle those for some constructive purpose.


Slaughters houses /Institutes

Food/Vegetable waste from Hotels/Dhabas, industries are converted to Biogas & gas is used to replace LPG with the help of a suitable auto prepare the regulatory system.

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Villages- Community Biogas Plant /
Complete SWM for township/Municipal

SBM Launched to eradicate the waste management issues and get green energy in villages. We have completed around 15 projects successfully through GOBARDHAN YOJNA.


World Bank / CSR Funded Projects like BAIF, NDDB , Chhondha

For waste management we need funds. World Bank provides funds for such waste management projects for bulk waste generated at some of their premises; we have provided solution at places towards sustainable solid waste management.

You can spend a day working in the Bio System Plants with us!

Process Flow Chart

Products That We Produce

Biogas Plants

  • Family type prefabricated Biogas Plants upto 100Kg(1-10m3)
  • Prefabricated plants for industrial Canteens.(100/500Kg)
  • KVIC floating dome water jacket plants IT + Capacities in RCC Structures

Biogas Up-gradation/Cleaning

Biogas having impurities like H2S,NH3,CO2 are to be removed before feeding to the engine or before filling in specially designed powder, suitably packed columns, wet scrubbers, VPSA scrubbers are provided as per requirement.

Biogas Storage Balloons

Biogas balloons are used to store raw as well as purified biogas. Use of biogas balloons also saves the capital investment in batteries, i.e. instead of storing electricity generated from biogas in batteries, we can store biogas and run the generators as and when needed.

Prefabricated Portable Biogas Plants For Domestic Use

Prefabricated Sintex Floating Dome Biogas Plants are the first portable and ready-to-use plants anywhere in the world; manufactured from Grade of Polyethylene material Non-toxic, free from any contamination,

Pressure System

Biogas is impure gas need to be scrubbed for removing impurities like H2S , CO2 , NH3 , moisture and some traces. Based on the end use of biogas like power generation , bottling or for thermal application and substrate ( input feed ) , we have developed low cost purification systems.

Gas Utilization for Power/Thermal/Pyrolysis

Clean gas is fed to engine for power generation. 100% Biogas run engines of 3kw to 1000kw are available with us. This power is used to make the beneficiaries independent for power need. Thermal Application are best revenue model due to higher cost of LPG,

Optimum Utilization of Resources

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Our Latest News

September 6, 2022

Inspection of 10kW biogas to power plant at BMF Hingoli, Pune

We are installing and commissioning a biogas plant for the generation of 10 KW/day of power generation at the Bull...
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July 26, 2022

Interview Published in insights success magazine

  Interview published regarding the establishment of Urja Bio System Pvt. Ltd and up coming challenges and our vision and...
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July 21, 2022

MOU Signed for Mobile EV Charging Station in near future

The electric vehicle industry is fast-growing globally, but one of the key challenges that still affects the potential adoption for...
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January 14, 2022

Biogas to PROM (Phosphate Rich Organic Manure) Generation Project installed at COE Dairy, Baramati.

10 TPD biogas to PROM(Phosphate Rich Organic Manure) Project
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December 6, 2019

Installation of Biogas Plant in Gambia

The people of Sukata will from tomorrow be able to recycle wet wastage into energy for cooking among other things....
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