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Urja Bio System Pvt. Ltd. specializes in designing and executing turn key projects in solid waste management and conversion of solid waste into

energy (in the form of electricity and heat) and Organic Fertilizer from the residue



Largest Dairy based (dung/effluent) biogas supplied to modern dairies like

  • Sarda Dairy(Vachan Milk)Raipur
  • Sarda Dairy Nashik
  • Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Pune
  • DS Group Dairy Gurgoan
  • SRC Farms Kolkata
  • Murlaya Dairy Tamilnadu
  • Atul Dairy Nashik
  • Navsagar DairyGujarat
  • Mayo Dairy Gujarat
  • Olitia Foods Seekan(Raj)
  • Happy Milk(Banglore)
  • JK Farms Kollam
  • Kapila & Haveli Dairy(Hydrabad) provide scientific waste management solution for
    dairies making them independent for power and LPG need.


Social nuisance caused due to litter provide extra income sorce to poultry farmers presently provided complete solution to

  • Srinivasa Hatcheries,Hydrabad,
  • Avee Broilers-Nashik
  • Anand Agro (S & P Feeds) Nashik
  • Geetanjali Breeders, Pune
  • VRK nutritional Sangli
  • Sunmax Hatcheries(VSM)
  • Sri Rajeshwari Hatcheries, Hydrabad
  • Amrit Farm-Coimbatore
  • Om Chicks Thorat Farms
  • Siddhivinayak Poultry-Pune
  • Mrittika Greens-Kolkata

Organic Manure MFG/PROM

Best revenue is obtained from manure only we have succefully converted the digested slurry to highly accepted granular form ie:

  • PROM-Phosphate Rich Organic Manure as product.
  • At present we are manufacturing @30 TPD PROM.
  • Plants are located at Nagar,Raipur, Nagpur, Hanuman gal, Chounda.
  • Talk also initiated with companies like RCF,Deepak Fertilizes etc
  • to bulk purchase as per GOI norms.
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Villages- Community Biogas Plant, Complete SWM for Township,
Municipal Corporation.

SBM Launched to eradicate the waste management issues and get green energy in villages.

  • Thru GOBARDHAN YOJNA we have made @ 15 projects.
  • Village Thikekarwadi -Pune,
  • Village Khairkhunt, Tilda, Raipur ( CG )
  • Gokulnagar- Rajnandgaon
  • 12 no of such projects in Surajpur District (CG).
  • These villages are going to be smokeless and will be able to generate good revenue out of organic manure sale.
  • We also provide complete SWM program for townships/MC
  • at present @ 110TPD waste management work at Parbhani Municipal Corporation is going on.


Food/Vegetable waste from Hotels/Dhabas, industries are converted to Biogas & gas is
used to replace LPG with the help of suitable auto prepare regulatory system. Bulk waste
generates like industries slaughter houses. The waste is also converted to Biogas. ETP/STP
plants having ready Biogas generation are provided suitable conversion system for
converting the gas to power.

  • Hotel Multispice , Pune
  • green Park
  • MIT College Pune,
  • Rajratan Hotel, Pune,
  • Bright land Hotel , Mahableshwar,
  • Raymonds Industries, Yavatmal,
  • Raunak City, kalyan
  • Police Training Centre and Central jail Latur,
  • Ulhas Patil, Medical College Jalgoan,
  • ICD, Kollam, MGM- Aurangabad,
  • Monginis- Aurangabad.

Slaughter Houses

  • Meatek- Cochin,
  • Manovaria Foods-Pune,
  • Ahmednagar Goat Farm-Ahmednagar, Allana Group.

World Bank Funded Project

World Bank provides funds for such waste management projects for bulk waste generated at some of their premises

  • we have provided solution for those at places like:
  • NDDB-Chennai
  • Rahuri
  • Pune (BAIF)
  • Raipur

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Our Products

Biogas Plants

  • Family type prefabricated Biogas Plants upto 100Kg(1-10m3)
  • Prefabricated plants for industrial Canteens.(100/500Kg)
  • KVIC floating dome water jacket plants IT + Capacities in RCC Structures

Biogas Purification Systems

Biogas purification systems- include, CO2 and H2S scrubbers. These are VPSA Scrubbers made in SS with suitable packing material to remove moisture, corrosive H2S and CO2 from raw biogas to improve the efficiency and life of gas utilization systems like Generators, Compressors and Burners.

Biogas Storage Balloon

Biogas balloons are used to store raw as well as purified biogas. Use of biogas balloons also saves the capital investment in batteries, i.e. instead of storing electricity generated from biogas in batteries, we can store biogas and run the generators as and when needed.

Biogas balloons come in PVC as well as Neoprene fabric of thickness 0.6 mm (1000 GSM) with breaking strength (Kgf) -200 min and tearing strength (Kgf)-40 min.


Biogas generation is continuous process but our use is not. So Biogas need to be stored intermediately, suitable for storage Balloons, stand alone or as per requirement are provided by Urja. Capacity 1m3 to 1000m3.


Gas Utilization for Power/Thermal/Pyrolysis

Clean gas is fed to the engine for power generation. 100% Biogas run engines of 3kw to 1000kw are available with us. This power is used to make the beneficiaries independent for power needs. Thermal Application are best revenue model due to higher cost of LPG, the drawback of lower pressure is climinated through our AUTO operated pressure regulation system where client enjoys satisfactory pressure at end use. Pyrolysis project generates gas which is having very good calorific value.
We provide complete turnkey solutions for using this pyro gas for power or in the reactor

Biogas Generator Sets

Biogas to Electricity

We have a range of 100% biogas based electricity generation solutions is from 3 kW to 1 MW. All the components of the solution are provided with matching capacities. Engine manufacturing giants like Kirloskar and Ashok Leyland are associated with us in this segment.
Clean gas is fed to genset for power generation power is used to run any machinery in the form etc. We have KIRLOSKAR make 100% biogas run gensets of 3KW to 200KW capacities. Gensets with higher capacities are also available .

  • Customized product range
  • Environment Friendly
  • Higher reliability
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Unmatched performance and Service

Prefabricated Portable Biogas Plants For Domestic Use

Prefabricated Portable Biogas Plants For Domestic Use
Prefabricated Sintex Floating Dome Biogas Plants are the first portable and ready-to-use plants anywhere in the world; manufactured from Grade of Polyethylene material Non-toxic, free from any contamination, chemical resistant, blended with stabilizers, Anti Corrosive and Anti Acidic, absolutely smooth and sanitary, chemical resistant, blended with stabilizers and free from joints, designed especially for Semi-Urban and Rural areas to produce Gas from Wet waste, Cow / Buffalo Dung.

Organic Manure/Liquid Manure /Soil Conditioner

Digested slurry is rich some of nutrients, this can be easily converted to powder form manure, granual form or as per requirement to PROM. The liquid which is having equal qualities as that of this solid manure can be converted to liquid boosters passing through drip suitable through micro filtration is needed for these chemical fertilizers. Those organic fertilizers are directly replaced for which adds heavily many inverts to foils organic manure is the only remedy for soil saline solid.

digester -2

Biogas Up-gradation / Cleaning

Biogas having impurities like H2S,NH3,CO2 are to be removed before feeding to engine or before filling in specially designed powder , suitable packed columns, wet scrubbers ,VPSA scrubbers are provided as per requirement.

Waste Handling Systems

  • Segregation, Crushing, Mixing
slurry separation