URJA Bio Gas Systems Officially Enters Into ECOWAS West Africa

Urja Bio Gas Systems has partnered with TRISP AFRICA LTD,based out of Banjul,The Gambia in West Africa(ECOWAS Group of countries) to make a bold step forward into Bio Gas and waste management technologies provided by our team for Africa.

Africa, and in particular West Africa holds great potential. According to Mr. Pikou Punjabi (MD, Trisp Africa Ltd.) “ECOWAS group of countries have long been ignored by Indian technologies who regularly concentrate on South Africa and East Africa and call it collectively AFRICA! We at Urja Bio Gas have taken this literally and have set up our first 20 KG Demo Plant at the “Sukuta Medical Health Care Center” at Sukuta Council Area in Greater KMC, The Gambia.

ECOWAS collectively holds great potential as its population of over 350 Million within 15 countries in West Africa hold massive business opportunities + representatives in various countries multiply this further.

Countries in the ECOWAS include:

  • The GAMBIA
  • MALI
  • TOGO

It has been a journey, trying to establish contact with a company in West Africa and getting a demo unit on the ground, to show the government and private entities the huge possibilities of Bio Gas and benefits from Waste.

Urja Bio and Trisp Africa both understand that the way forward to introduce bio gas to the masses is not only based on larger units for Municipal corporations but also smaller units for villages, rural homes and even for hotels and resorts that throw wet food waste out into the landfill and could instead use the same for their own benefit, recycle in a clean and green way.

Establishment of this small demo plant and likely initiation of the same on or about end of November 2019, will pave the way for discussions on larger units of upto 10 TPD for the KMC corporation in The Gambia and also private businesses owners like hotels, resorts and Poultry Farms that require energy and have sufficient waste / litter from their farms.

Urja Bio Gas plans to make a trip to The Gambia at the end of November and there on meet with the concerned officials after the demonstration of the unit for a probable Bio Gas JV unit for the local Abattoir and ABUKO in The Gambia and also at G Farms for their poultry litter based bio gas system for power requirement at the site.

Urja Bio Gas has also been invited by the Hon Mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone (ECOWAS member country) to visit and put forth the proposal for the enormous food waste and market waste problem faced by the Municipal Corporation of Freetown in Sierra Leone. This shall be the second phase of expansion into the region.

Waste to Bio Gas and to energy will soon be transformed with our plants and our technologies being noticed around ECOWAS and we hope we can bag larger order of 10 TPD + from the region.

Updates to follow after the demo on or about end of November 2019.